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Available Rentals


Operating Procedure:

Guidelines and operating procedures will be provided at the time of set up.


Loss of Power:

The unit will slowly start to deflate when there is a loss of electrical power. It is important to stay calm should this happen. The adult supervisor should help all users safely exit the unit. Once everyone has exited the unit, check if the on/off switch has been turned off or if the blower has become unplugged. If so, plug the blower back in, turn it to the on position, and the unit will re-inflate. If you continue to have problems, contact us for assistance.



Should rain or heavy winds arrive, you want to evacuate the unit as quickly and safely as possible. Please dry inside of unit with towels prior to resuming use.



If the unit becomes damaged while in operation, assist all users from the unit and deflate it. Contact us immediately. Do not attempt to continue operation of the unit. Customer will be responsible for any damage that do not result from the normal use of the unit (dog bites, cuts with knifes, Silly String, etc).



Rental unit will be picked up within 3 hours of the end of your reserved time. Let us know if an exact pick up time is needed. Please remember that it will take approximately 30 minutes for the take down and removal of unit.

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